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What We Can Do For You!

Smartscaping takes pride in working with you to create custom design and maintenance plans tailored to your unique and changing needs.  Our landscaping professionals cover all facets of the job from start-to-finish, so you don’t have to work with multiple contractors.  We specialize in Landscape Design, Construction, Landscaping Maintenance and public right-of-way services for commercial properties in the Houston Metropolitan Area.

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Other Services:


  • Rock design

  • Design & maintain flowerbeds

  • Pruning

  • Grass planting

  • Floral arrangements


Your commercial property is a huge investment and Smartscaping services are designed to enhance the value of that investment by keeping your property looking beautiful year-round.  Our team provides high quality exterior landscaping services to meet your unique needs and budget including landscape maintenance, patio installation, lighting, tree maintenance, and landscape design and construction.

  • Walkways

  • Gutter Installation

  • Fence work

  • Patios

  • Hand trimming

  • Weed removal

  • Edging

  • Detailed trimming of ground cover and shrubs

  • Flower pruning 

  • Mulching

  • Creating drainage solutions for standing water

Landscaping Maintenance

We deliver high quality services that are efficient. 

We Specialize In:


To keep your lawn healthy in the Houston heat, frequent watering is essential.  We employ smart technologies that can reduce waste and costs with seamless installation of sprinkler systems to fit your specific needs and the Houston climate.  We are experts in designing and installing sprinkler systems that are ultra-efficient and cost effective and we are also equipped to maintain and repair pre-existing sprinkler systems.

Landscaping Design
& Contracting


Landscaping Construction

We recognize every client is unique and every commercial property has distinct needs.  Our goal is to design and bring to life inviting, one-of-a- kind exterior spaces your clients and your employees will be proud of! Smartscaping takes pride in carefully designing and constructing projects, from decorative border plants and flower beds to patios, walkways, parks and public right-of-way specifically for your unique space in the most creative, cost efficient and timely manner possible.



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