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terms of service

By accepting our estimate and scheduling service with Smartscaping, you have abided by these Terms of Service and will comply with them throughout your relationship with Smartscaping. Our prepaid plans are based on land square footage of properties 8,000 square feet or less. Additional charges are incurred for corner lot properties; properties located in a cul-de-sac; and properties over 8,001 square feet. To find out your property’s land square footage, go online to and do a property search.



Customers are billed recurringly via PayPal every month on the date you sign up for service. We offer bi-monthly (lawn is serviced twice a month) and weekly (lawn is serviced 4 times a month) service plans. If your payment is declined, PayPal will retry to process your payment every 5 days until payment is received. Since PayPal is a prepaid payment system, Smartscaping will not mow your lawn until your payment is received. We are willing to work with each customer with the understanding that every customer’s circumstances are unique. We strive to ensure that our services are as efficient and affordable as possible. Smartscaping has a non-refundable policy.



Smartscaping has contracts for special packages. Most services are on a "service to service" basis. However, we will continue to service your property until we have received notification from you in writing to cancel your lawn care service. The Smart Plan mowing schedule consists of 4 consecutive weeks within 1 calendar month. “Bye” week means that there are 5 weeks in the month and your lawn has already been serviced 4 weeks, therefore, your lawn will not be serviced doing a “bye” week.



We would prefer that every one of our valuable customers continue to allow us to beautify their property for the entire year. The Smart Plan rates are economical during the peak season in order to service you during the off-peak season. Please let us know in writing that you would like to discontinue services and we will stop payment for the following month. Smartscaping has a non-refundable policy. We do not pro-rate service nor give partial refunds. Smartscaping reserves the right to cancel any customer for non-compliance of Terms and Services and for non-payment of services.



Your lawn will be serviced on the same day of every week. Several factors can affect our route schedule therefore we will contact you to let you know of any changes and/or postponements. Additionally, rain will prevent us from being able to service your lawn. If the grass is too wet to mow, you will be notified of a rescheduled date. In certain rainy circumstances, your lawn could be serviced the following week. During a rain delay or postponement, we cannot guarantee a specific time for your lawn service. All routes are completed between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday through Saturday. All full service(s) plans follow the Smartscaping’s yearly schedule for service(s). Please do not water your lawn the day before or the day you are scheduled for service.


For our customers that sign up for The Smarter Plan; The Even Smarter Plan; and The Smartest Plan; flower beds size 80sf or less are included in these plans. Flower beds over 80sf and flower beds located in the back yard will incur additional fees.



Once our crew arrives onsite and the Smartscaping Lawn Specialist deem your grass/lawn is considerably overgrown due to the lack of mowing; and/or the edges of the lawn are taking over the sidewalk/curb; you will incur an additional fee of $20 to get your lawn in shape and up to our standards. This fee covers the compensation for the extra labor and time to define new edges; mowing your property to get your lawn back in order; cleaning up the large pieces of grass that result from such a cleanup; bagging and disposing of the debris.



If your grass requires bagging, you will incur an additional charge of $5 per bag. After 7 bags, cost of each additional bag is $2.



On scheduled service days, please arrange for your gate to be opened so that we may service your entire property. If there is no one home to unlock the gate while we are there, your lawn will not be serviced (Smartscaping Crew will never enter an inaccessible yard).



Please make sure that your pet’s eliminations are removed prior to the day of your weekly service date. Please make an attempt to have your pets indoors or kenneled while we are servicing your yard. We will service your property with pets around but we take no responsibility for any injury to your pets. For the safety of our crew, if a pet is aggressive, we will not service the property that is accessible by that pet.



Please remove objects out of your lawn that would impede your lawn care service. Our standard operating procedure is to collect a very small amount of scattered litter on your property. However, if your property consistently contains scattered litter, we will contact you and alert you of the issue. If the issue persists, we will ask that you pay an additional $20.00 cleanup fee. A cleanup fee will also be incurred for cleaning up or picking up objects obstructing your lawn on a consistent basis; such as toys (pets and children), garbage cans, swimming pools, garden equipment, bar-b-que pits, dog waste, water hoses, trampolines, patio furniture, lawn chairs, tree limbs, pine cones, excessive trash, dog bones, small or large rocks, loose wires, loose boards, discarded needles, etc. Make sure exposed utilities wiring located above the ground are visibly marked to avoid being damaged by lawn equipment. Such items like rocks, bones, etc. are hazardous if hit by the lawn mower blades and can result in serious injury to our crew or damage to your property and our equipment. Our crews are not permitted to move trampolines, swimming pools, etc. due to liability reasons. We will mow around and under any item as much as possible.



If you notice damage to your property caused by a Smartscaping’s employee; contact Smartscaping in writing within 24 hours of your lawn care service that the damage occurred. Smartscaping will not honor any request for repair for damaged property that was not reported within the 24 hour window time. If you do not notify us within 24-hours of your service, we will consider the work satisfactory.


Thank you for signing up with Smartscaping. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


P. O. Box 21211, Houston, TX 77226 Phone: 832-513-3800

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